Year 2015-2016

ACCEPTO Erasmus Plus project 2014-1-RO01-KA201-002618

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In August Erasmus team made plan for project activities and introduced the school with it. There were published info on the infoboard too.

On September we were planning Erasmus project day – displayed photo exhibition and reintroduced children and guests with Erasmus project and the bullying problem. We had short concert and workshops (Theaters Sport).

The Project Day in our school was funny and interactive!

The students were looking for answers to the questions about the projects our school is involved.
Every one hour the question was posted, but to get to know where – the students should unravel the puzzle about the place!
There were 29 teams from 3th to 9th grade. There were only 4 teams who answered to all questions corectly and 11 teams who answered almost correctly.
At the end of the school day the teams gathered together for rewarding!

We had guests from the Riga Council, who were very delighted with this day activities!

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In the beginning of the October we finished the movie against the bullying. You can watch it here.
The students made some compilation of their thoughts about bullying and how to overcome it.
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In October we had SAFE INTERNET DAY lessons. The teachers share their experience and their materials about safe internet.
On October 12-16 there were organised ACCEPTO projct meeting in Portugal. The host school – Escola Secundaria Manuel Cargaleiro.
During the meeting we had opportunity to visit the school and to see movies about bullying what were made by the students. We were introduced with Portugal culture, traditions and traditional food.
We would like to express our gratitude for this meeting. It was both enjoyable and informative. We deeply appreciated the time Portugal partners took from their busy schedule. We are impressed with your work, your country and culture.
 This semester we are continuing the improvisation theatre group for the students with behavior problems. On October 21 the IMPRO actors organized the show for the schools student and played some bullying situations and tried to find solutions with the auditory (the students).
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 In November Erasmus meeting in Granollers. The Latvian was represented by Iveta Miļevska.iveta granollers
 December was very busy month.There were planned discussions among the teachers about bullying in the school. Our teachers had workshop and made recommendation (how to respond) list for various bullying situations. We had discussions about bullying and preventing it. The teachers shared their experience with bullying. There will be short methodical material – collection of the teachers recomendations and experience, some theoretical issues from trainings with Luca Pisano.




In January the teachers attended lectures about violence against a child, how to recognize problem, what can the teacher do.


The teachers worked on methodical materials for lessons “Bullying in the class. Preventing of bullying in the class”.


Campaign. The students who participated in the improvisation theater lessons showed to the classmates the ways to become friendly, the ways to fill free time and what can be done to prevent bullying.

Tolerance room. Everyone knows if they have any problem they can go to the social pedagogue or psychologist.During January we made campaign – social pedagogue room – tolerance room, to advertise that everyone can get support in any cases, if someone is bullyed.

The students remade their photos they made for movies/story. They remade photos to the fleshcards – we are againt bullying.

February. SAFE INTERNET MORNING. During the day every class teacher devote 20 minutes for disscussions about safe internet.

In March we made short translation to English of the teachers lessons discriptions.

During all March class teachers spoke with their students about extreme bullying in the history of Latvia.

Before the Latvian meeting our students got to know better Erasmus countries.

4th – 8th April Accepto meeting in Riga.


4th April, Monday

Working session in school:

• Welcoming session in the school’s hall.

• Meeting with the headmaster Irida Jansone and deputies.

• Activities in the school. Attandance and participation in lessons (Latvian, IT, Mathematic,Crafts, Sport, Music, English)

Educational session:

• The students visited educational lesson “Illusion and persons behavior”. It was lecture to introduce students with humans manners and behavior specifics.

• The teachers had educational session discovering alternative methods for team work.

5th April, Tuesday

• Cultural and educational session discovering alternative methods for team work in bakery LACI.

• Discovering of the Latvia nature by walking in Kemeru National Parks Swamp.

6th April Wednesday

• Participating in the educational session about the extreme bullying during the Soviet times by attendancing Karaosta prison.

7th April Thursday

Work session in the school:

• Latvian meeting evaluation, filling of the questionnare.

• The reviewing of the final report documents.

• Discovering alternative methods for team work using the Latvian traditional folk dances.

• Cultural session by visiting The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia.

• Traditional Latvian final party at the traditional old style pub in The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia.

• Delivery of Participation Certificates for project partners and thanks to the host families and the school’s staff.

8th April, Friday

• Cultural session in medieval city Sigulda in the middle of the Gaujas National Park.

• Departure of the Accepto delegation.


April and May

We are preparing materials for Sweden meeting – PPT about what we have done during the project and what kind of impression all this project make on the students and the teachers.

On April 29th our students participated in conference “School and internet – place for respect and understanding”. The students presented the main idea of ACCEPTO project and showed PPT what we have done for preventing cyberbullying among peers.

pie Turibas berni

In April the teachers attended lecture of psychologist J. Pavulens about agressive and hyperactive children, got to know the causes of the behavior and preventing bullying situations in the school.

May was the last transnational meeting, it was held in Sweden, Orebro. Latvia was representated by Jolanta and Liga.


ANTIbullying tree every class made their class anti-bullying tree – what can be done to prevent bullying. Some of the students wrote short stories about bullying. Megijas tale about buller- the wolf

SORRYbox every class has their own box where students put their appologise letters to their classmates, at the end of the school everyone got their favor.

In May we are working on project Magazine – we want to show what we have done and made during these two years!

In June 6th – 10th we have conference for 25 Latvian teachers about integrated education for children with learning difficulties, and we put lectures about bullying and cyberbullying what were represented by teachers involved in the Erasmus Accepto project! (social pedagogue Signe and  teachers Marija, Ruta and project coordinator, special pedagogue and educationalist Jolanta, ICT teacher Marcis, psychologist Inita).